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Triticum sativum



Wheat, a cereal grass of the Gramineas (Poaceae) family and of the genus Triticum and its edible grain, is the world’s largest cereal-grass crop. Wheat now provides one-fifth (1992) of the total developing country food supply, up from 15% in the early 1970’s.

World wheat output in 1998-99 is estimated at 591 million tonnes, i.e., 20 million tonnes less than in 1997-98. In contrast, India produced 8 million tonnes more in 1998-99 compared to 1997-98. This makes international wheat production scenario favourable to India.

factor favourable to India's wheat export prospects is a drastic decline in the area under wheat cultivation in the United States. Reports indicate that the area under wheat cultivation in the US is at its lowest in 26 years. A dry winter in the region between Morocco and Pakistan has also reduced prospects of a good wheat harvest in that region. This improves India's wheat export prospects