Green Harvest



Sunflower Oil



It is low in saturated fats and high in unsaturated fats and has no cholesterol, which makes it heart healthy oil. 



» The essential fatty acids linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid are the precursors of prostaglandins, the hormone like substances that have a variety of functions in the human body like contraction and relaxation of smooth muscles, contraction and dilation of the blood vessels, controls blood pressure, reducing pain and inflammation.
» It is used in skin care as massage oil, carrier oil, moisturizer, and an emollient.
» Sunflower oil is high in the essential vitamin E and low in saturated fat. The two most common types of sunflower oil are linoleic and high oleic.
» They have monounsaturated levels lower than other oleic sunflower oils. The hybrid oil also has lower saturated fat levels than linoleic sunflower oil.
» Restaurants and food manufacturers are becoming aware of the health benefits of sunflower oil. The oil can be used in conditions with extremely high cooking temperatures. It may also help food stay fresher and healthier for longer periods of time.