Green Harvest





Hindi Name


Baheda, Bahera 

English Name


 Myrobalan Belliric, Belleric 



Terminalia bellirica 



Terminalia bellirica is a tree native to India. It is found in every part of India.

Terminalia bellirica is a tree of Combretaceae Plant family. Synonym - Myrobalanus bellirica. This is a big tree. The leaves are alternate, coriaceous, elliptic obovate. The flowers bloom in March to May. The flowers are pale greenish yellow in color, in axillary spikes. The fruits are grey. 



The fruits are used as laxative. The fruits are useful in bronchitis in addition, asthma. Baehra is one of the three constituent of Trifala. This is a very useful Herbal combination, for many ailments, composing of Baehra, amla and haritaki. i.e. Terminalia bellirica, Phyllanthus emblica and Terminalia chebula.